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Star Ball 2010 Sponsorship packages

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We would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional event. Sponsorship of the 2010 Star Ball provides a great marketing prospect for your company. In addition to the exciting atmosphere of the Ball, there will be a massive outdoor, TV and printed advertising campaign as well as on–site media attention and after–event coverage. This is a great chance for your company to gain a positive association with a special charity event that not only promotes charitable activities, but also stands out as a social wake–up call to society.

However, sponsorship is not just an act of charity — it must show some form of positive return on investment. Since sponsorship can be treated as a business arrangement, the Star Ball Committee used standard evaluative criteria to establish the suitability of our event in relation to the sponsor´s image. According to CEIR, Centre for Exhibition Industry Research "A well designed sponsorship campaign can increase the attraction of an organisation´s target audience by 104%".

For our 2010 Star Ball we would like to ensure that all our sponsors receive maximum exposure and benefits. In order to achieve this, we have upgraded our packages from last year and developed more detailed sponsorship options offering some fantastic benefits, which can:

  • create positive PR and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole
  • provide attractive content for a range of products and services
  • build brand positioning through associative imagery
  • support a sales promotion campaign
  • create internal emotional commitment to the brand
  • act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients

Why consider just buying advertising when there is so much more you can to do develop your company´s brand and image? Advertising is great, but so are public relations and community affairs. Business and community leaders recognize and appreciate companies that help them gain knowledge and make important contacts.

With the menu of advertising opportunities available, it may be difficult deciding which one will work best for your company. The development of Star Ball sponsorship package presents a unique possibility to easily review the diverse sponsorship opportunities the Star Ball offers and select the ones which will best highlight your company.

By sponsoring 2010 Star Ball, your company benefits from:

Public recognition — There is a part of public recognition which is not something that can be purchased — it must be earned. Star ball will be highly publicizedand so will be sponsors:

  • Outdoor advertizing. Includes billboards and digital screens throughout Moscow with sponsors logos
  • TV advertising before the event. Includes 15 second ads on TV Center and Stolitsa channels
  • TV channel coverage of the event. Various channels representatives will be invited to the Ball
  • Press coverage. Over 20 media representatives will be invited to cover the Star Ball in printed media.

Brand Association — Companies that want to be recognized as industry leaders and community partners welcome the benefits of association with important events. As Star Ball is supported by Moscow City Government, all our sponsors will be noticed by influential city decision—makers.

Access to New Business Relationships — The unique atmosphere of the Star Ball allow companies to open relationships with dozens of new clients and customers. It is also ideal for renewing and strengthening relationships with existing clients and customers by inviting them to your corporate table. Additionally, Star Ball is a highly anticipated event for networking and social interaction between businesspeople and Russian community leaders.

On the following pages, we have outlined our sponsorship levels and other information. We welcome your consideration of any or all of these requests. We appreciate your participation as a donor or sponsor, particularly in identifying benefits that the Star Ball can provide in return for your company support.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We appreciate your time and interest and we will look forward to discussing sponsorship possibilities with you.

Natalie Volkoff Kabir
Star Ball 2010 Committee Chair