Annual Charity Gala
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Adelina Dolgopolova — is from town Kotlas, Arkhangelsk Region.

Early 2008 Adelina was brutally raped and abused at her own home. The attacker, 35 year old boyfriend of her mother dropped in for a visit at 1 am, when there was no one else at home. After what he had done, to avoid prosecution, he decided to get rid of rape evidence by setting unconscious Adelina on fire. When neighbours broke in on Adelinas screams, she was in flames. Little girls life was depending on every minute and she was flown to Moscow by special plane. With III and IV degree burns over 50% of body surface Adelina was admitted to Moscow Speransky Hospital No.9. Due to the severity of the burns, both of Adelinas legs were amputated at the upper level. Adelinas lower body organs were damaged by fire, therefore she has to use bags to support her urinary and digestive system functions.
Adelina survived and she remembers every moment of that horrible night. Despite all that happened to her, Adelina is a cheerful little girl who is believes that she will be able to walk again.
Her attacker was not prosecuted due to the lack of evidence.

Star Ball provided special foods for Adelina for over a year, covered transportation, medication, special bags costs for 6 months. An Otto Bock electric wheel chair was purchased for Adelina as well as various items for everyday life. Temporary prostheses were made for Adelina in Russia, but they mostly served a cosmetic purpose.
The publicity during Star Ball campaign helped to open a criminal case against Adelinas attacker and it is hoped he will be prosecuted. Also, thanks to the publicity, sponsors were found for Adelina, which paid for her surgical treatments in Germany.
Presently Adelina is in Munich undergoing a series of extensive treatments.


Zarashuev Hakim
9 years old
On March 2, 2008 Hakim was electrocuted in a high voltage booth (which was wide open).
His life was saved, but his arms were amputated. He also suffered severe damage to his skull.

Star Ball paid for special skull prostheses and for a notebook, so Hakim could study on his own.
We are also trying to help Hakims family in getting publicity to prevent similar cases in the future.

Zamahov Ruslan
Date of birth: 23.05.1995

NijneLomov Orphanage for physically disabled children
Diagnosis post traumatic leg amputation.
Social status orphan, parents were deprived from parental rights.
Arrived to orphanage 25.07.2006 Amur region.
Health conditions: mentally normal, likes math.
Activities: plays soccer (using crutches), table tennis, grade 6 student.

Leg prostheses were paid and manufactured specially for Ruslan in Moscow. Transportation to Moscow to fit the prostheses was also covered.

Tutov Valeri
Date of birth: 28.10.1995

NijneLomov Orphanage for physically disabled children
Diagnosis: perinatal defect of central neurosystem, meningitis resulting in both forearms amputation.
Social status: orphan, was found on the street.
Arrived in orphanage on 07.03.2001 from Khabarovsk.
Health conditions: mentally normal.
Activities: likes to paint, grade 7 student

Hand prostheses were paid and manufactured specially for Valeri in Moscow. Transportation to Moscow was also covered.

Abramenko Ivan
Date of birth: 28.11.1991

NijneLomov Orphanage for physically disabled children
Diagnosis: perinatal defect of left leg, both eyes high degree myopathy.
Social status: orphan, parents were deprived from parental rights.
Arrived in orphanage on 23.04.2002 from Chita.
Health conditions: mentally normal.
Activities: sports, computers, A+ student, leadership qualities, event planning

Leg prosthesis was paid and manufactured specially for Ivan in Moscow. Transportation to Moscow was also covered.

Lebedeva Valentina
Moscow, orphan (currently lives in Simferopol with her legal guardians)
When Valia was 19 days old, a domestic fire completely destroyed the right side of her face, her right ear is no longer there. Valentina was treated live-in at Speransky hospital for 4 years, part of her hair and some skin tissue was restored. Unfortunately, further surgery is possible only in the US. It is projected by the doctor that after plastic surgery she will have a normal appearance. Guardians were trying to find sponsors to send her to the USA, but with no success.
Valentina is grade 10 A student, she plans to continue her studies at university. Her legal guardians take care of 8 more children, out of which only one girl is their own.

Valentina is waiting for her visa documents to be finalized, the delay is due to the fact that she is a Russian citizen and her parents are citizens of Ukraine.
Funds are reserved for Valentinas travel and lodging in the US


Anastassia Juss, Moscow
Date of birth: 23.01.2001

In 2003 Anastassia received IIIB and IV degree burns on her head and arms.
These burns have to be treated every year

Anastassia and her mother went to Sochi for special treatment in June 2009.
All expenses, including transportation, lodging, food and medical treatments were paid by Star Ball

Popov Alexander, 1995
In 2008 Alexander was electrocuted in a high voltage booth.
He had a series of amputations (4) leading to the loss of hands and arms to shoulder level

Star Ball funds covered both hand prostheses as well as transportation costs to Moscow Ball

Shishkin Grigori, 1983
In 1997 Grigori was electrocuted in a high voltage booth. His life was saved, but his right arm was amputated and his left hand lost grip power.
Grigori also suffered leg damage and skull damage

In 2009 Star Ball paid for an upgrade of Grigoris treatment in St. Petersburg including transportation charges. Thanks to the treatment received Grigori is able to use his left hand now.

Kulikov Alexei (17 years old) is from the small village of Podgornoe near Tambov.
He was hit by a car while crossing the road 5 years ago. His legs were totally smashed, but doctors managed to save him from amputation (he spent about 3 years in total in hospital). He can walk on his own, but he has a heavy limp. He needs special footwear to walk (at least 3 pairs per year), but only 1 pair a year is covered by the State.

2 pairs of special orthopaedic shoes were purchased for Alexei.

Egor Orlov, 2.5 years old, Moscow
At the age of 2 weeks Egor had re-implantation of coronary artery, and prostheses of the mitral valve. As a result of the surgery going wrong Egor was left with sepsis, brain tumor, pneumonia and almost total loss of hearing. Against all odds Egor survived, fighting for his life for over 2 years. His hearing was restored in one ear in Germany and he is learning how to talk now.
As he was getting close to 3 years old, he needed urgent surgery to replace the mitral valve and to restore the coronary artery. This had to be done in Germany (could not be done in Russia) urgently and Egors parent did not have enough money to cover costs after they had sold most of their assets. Every day could have been the last one for Egor.

Within a week of receiving a request for help from Egors parents, the outstanding amount was transferred to Berlin and Egors life was saved.
The surgery went well and Egor recovered quickly. He is now back in Moscow