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Needed: prostheses
Name and contacts: Artem Zeriukin
9 years old, Orlov area,
mother Nadia
Doctor: Penkov Leonid Urievich
Description: In August 2009 fell into the road ditch where leaves were burning. Was unable to get out due to pain shock. Hospitalized to Speransky hospital, has major face burns.
Multiple skin transplantation, both legs amputated.

Presently is in Spivaks hospital.
State is paying for basic prostheses which are heavy and not functional.

Needed: prostheses
Name and contacts: Danila Solomatin
Moscow, 17 years old,
father Alexander

Doctor :
Chogovadze Georgi


Amputation below ankle and above knee.
Victim of car accident (hit by the car while crossing on 10.05.08).
Was taken by helicopter to Speransky hospital where he spent 15 months (2 in intensive care)

Otto Bock prostheses needed, cost 300-400 000 rubles

Needed: prostheses
Name and contacts: Martianov Pavel
Moscow, 17 years old,
mother Katerina
aunt Irina Kalinnikova
Doctor :
Shurova Lidia Vitalievna
Description: Electrocution (touched loose wire on the street), had 11 surgeries since last year, 1/3 of right hand is amputated
2008 silver medal, 2009 Russian Paralympics champion in swimming

Bio prosthesis cost 580 000 Russian roubles
Old enough to have permanent prosthesis

Needed: prostheses
Name and contacts: Grigori Shishkin
Kaluga, 19 years old,
father Alexei

Doctor, contacts:
Shurova Lidia Vitalievna
Description: Electrocution, right hand fully amputated, skull damage.
Last year we paid for left hand treatment which was successful

Bio prosthesis can be made in the USA only (as there are no muscles or tissue to attach regular prosthesis)

Needed: prostheses and rehabilitation
Name and contacts: Perchikova Anastassia
Moscow, 13 years old
Mother Mokhova
Doctor :
Presently in Speransky hospital
Description: In September 2009 was electrocuted while walking.
Severe burns of face and body. Multiple skin transplantation, left wrist amputated.

Prosthesis needed, cost to be calculated at a later stage

Needed: neuro rehabilitation
Name and contacts: Misha Alexeev
Moscow, 10 years old,
Mother Lena

Doctor, contacts:
Pligina Elena

Description: On October 5th ,2009 was hit by a car on the sidewalk on his way to the school.
Multiple skull fractures, arm and legs fractures. Was treated in Speransky in ICU (1 month in a coma).
In the beginning was totally paralyzed, speech was not active.
Shown very good progress—now he can sit, talk and walk very slowly, brain activity not affected.

Special device for home rehabilitation is required.
Treatment in Germany is needed

Needed: prostheses and treatment
Name and contacts: Victoria Plukhina
Moscow, 3 years old
Description: Victoria Plukhina was treated in Speransky Hospital ICU from 17. 11. 2008 to 16.01.2009 with diagnosis streptococcus and meningococcal infection, meningitis, massive necrosis of soft tissue (commonly known as flesh eating bacteria), gangrene of both feet and hands, mummification of soft tissue, toxic shock, severe kidney infection.
Victoria got sick 30.10.08, she was hospitalized the same day to Children Hospital No.2. On 17.11.2008 she was sent to Speransky Hospital, where, on 18.11.08, to save her life, her feet and hands were amputated.
Victoria had 4 more surgeries with further amputations.

Treatment and prostheses are needed