Annual Charity Gala
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IWC Charities Group

What we do

The goal of the glamorous Star Ball is to create an atmosphere of elegance and joy through which the spirit of giving can be celebrated by raising vital funds for young accident victims.

On the other side of the glamorous Star Ball there are young children whose little lives and bodies were smashed, damaged, burned and tortured. Just recently they were healthy kids playing with their peers and today they are in their hospital beds motionless, their eyes full of pain and hope. They all have one thing in common - their dream to go back in time and to be healthy again. And they need someones help to make their dream come true. Their stories touched our hearts and now we need support of the community to help us to help them.

We can help them by raising money at the Star Ball and paying for their treatments, medications, prostheses. Hard to believe, but one event can change and even save their lives.

They have nowhere else to go...

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